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Each marble in the “MBS Jar” represents an individual mortgage loan.

ROCKHOUSE Capital helps investors purchase cash flow driven, Real Estate linked investments.

Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) are bonds backed by the monthly mortgage payments of a specific collection of mortgage loans.

  • Investor receives monthly income from a portfolio of mortgage loans
  • Loan Servicer collects payments and manages foreclosures
  • Investor has no contact with Mortgage Borrowers

MBS Cash Flow is passed from Home Owner to MBS Investor by the Loan Servicer Every Month

Each MBS is structured with a specific set of loans. The performance of the MBS will be directly governed by the performance of these loans.

ROCKHOUSE specializes in loan analysis

  • Loan level inspection of each MBS pool
  • Structural inspection of MBS investment
  • Home Price analysis

ROCKHOUSE builds a unique portfolio for each investor.

  • Investors receive monthly cash flow
  • Investors have continuous access to cash (never locked-out)
  • Focus on ‘odd-lots’ that institutional investors ignore

A diverse portfolio of MBS can provide above market returns by delivering a consistent stream of monthly cash flow analysis



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