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19 October 2015
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Cash-Out Refinances Up 86 Percent Year-Over-Year

19 October 2015, Comments: 0

Black Knight’s August Mortgage Monitor reported a 68% increase in cash-out refinances. This is welcome news to borrowers, who on average have tapped $67,000 […]

4 October 2015
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Air Leaks from Art Bubble

4 October 2015, Comments: 0

Art has been a fashionable alternative investment with prices surging over the past several years. But air seems to be leaking from the art […]

27 September 2015
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MBS at the Movies: The Big Short

27 September 2015, Comments: 0

It is difficult to be different — especially when it comes to investments — but that is often the key to high performance. The […]

16 September 2015
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“The Negative Equity Epidemic is Lifting”

16 September 2015, Comments: 0

CoreLogic recently reported that a growing percentage of home loans enjoy positive equity, including 95{7390e7e5d326f376a2f9121101b8eea938f3ab3ac915d6768d97dd56b8b4029f} of homes valued at greater than $200,000. This is […]

27 August 2015
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A Note on Recent Market Volatility

27 August 2015, Comments: 0

The stock market, along with currency, commodities and most other financial markets, has had a wild ride. It can be unsettling when financial news […]

“MBS investors collect monthly Cash Flow from a geographically diverse portfolio of borrowers.”