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16 September 2015
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16 September 2015, Comments: 0

CoreLogic recently reported that a growing percentage of home loans enjoy positive equity, including 95{7390e7e5d326f376a2f9121101b8eea938f3ab3ac915d6768d97dd56b8b4029f} of homes valued at greater than $200,000.

Home Equity Distribution

This is important because loans with positive equity default at a much lower rate than “Underwater Loans”.

At ROCKHOUSE we typically buy lower LTV loans for two reasons:

1) The more equity a borrower has the greater his incentive to continue making payments.

2) Positive home equity insulates investors from losses when a property is liquidated.

CoreLogic’s research reports less than 1{7390e7e5d326f376a2f9121101b8eea938f3ab3ac915d6768d97dd56b8b4029f} default rates for loans below 90{7390e7e5d326f376a2f9121101b8eea938f3ab3ac915d6768d97dd56b8b4029f} LTV:
Defaults By LTV

Contact ROCKHOUSE to learn how we buy the highest quality mortgage loans at a discount price.

Read the entire story at CoreLogic:

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